Welcome Dr Jenny! Our new aesthetics expert

I am soooo excited to welcome aesthetics expert, the lovely Dr Jenny Smith, to Christchurch Derma Spa 🤩

Dr Jenny Smith, BChD MBBS MFDS(Ed) MSc PGCert, is a highly qualified dentist, doctor and advanced facial practitioner. She has spent years working in oral facial surgery and loves treating facial aesthetics patients. Jenny recently moved to Christchurch from Brighton, and I am delighted she chose us as her new clinic!

Jenny is offering a range of treatments, including:Photo of aesthetics expert Dr Jenny Smith giving botox at Christchurch Derma Spa in Dorset

👉🏻 Botox / anti-wrinkle injections
👉🏻 Reduction of gummy smile
👉🏻 Bunny lines
👉🏻 Perioral lines
👉🏻 Masseter treatment for grinding and/or facial thinning effect
👉🏻 Hyperhidrosis underarm
👉🏻 Dermal fillers
👉🏻 Lips
👉🏻 Nasolabial folds
👉🏻 Cheeks
👉🏻 Marionette lines

Did you know the UK does not yet have legislation to prevent non-medical professionals from delivering injectable cosmetic treatments? 😱

This scares me. A lot. I know I wouldn’t let anyone loose on my face without some research first, and I know my clients wouldn’t, either. This goes for any skin treatments and/or procedures. So I am really pleased that someone as qualified as Dr Jenny has come to join us. It’s so important to keep yourself safe and research the qualifications someone has before letting them treat your skin.

Jenny is offering evening appointments as well as Saturdays and Sundays.

She is always happy to have a chat about what treatments might suit your skin, so do get in touch with her at 07884263700 and book a chat or treatment. You can also book directly from her Instagram page.