Before and after: Laser treatment for moles


Check out these amazing before and after photos of my client’s recent mole reduction.

Photos before and after mole reduction

She was delighted to see this mole disappear. The new skin is coming through and will blend in over time, so she will be left with no scarring at all.

Many people are unaware that for just a few seconds of mild discomfort, moles and other skin blemishes can be immediately, safely, and permanently reduced or removed – often with life-changing results.

Even better … there’s no need for injections, incisions, downtime, or surgery!

The treatment process is called cauterisation. It involves the local application of electrical current via a tiny probe or needle. This heats the area to cauterise or destroy the blemish.

A wide range of skin blemishes or skin conditions can be treated, including:

• Skin tags
• All types of warts
• Small benign moles
• Milia

My client made the right choice to get her mole checked out before coming to me. You must have your GP’s agreement that your mole is benign and can be removed for cosmetic reasons before you can have laser treatment for moles.

Some moles can be significantly reduced in just one treatment. Though it’s important not to over-treat an area of the skin, so other moles or blemishes may need more than one appointment. The good news is that appointments are generally quick and only take 15 to 30 minutes.

Contact me to discuss your mole reduction or book your laser consultation appointment today. Once the skin tests are complete, we can then book your laser treatment in Christchurch Dorset at my dedicated skin clinic.

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