Before and after rosacea treatment

What a difference from rosacea treatment!!

Rosacea before and after treatment photos

Rosacea can be a pain in the arse (there is no other way of saying it!).

If you suffer from rosacea, you will know anything can irritate it, making the skin hot and sensitive.

This client was desperate for rosacea treatment. She has followed all of our skincare advice and her results are showing because of it.

✔️ Skincare products that are correct for her type of skin

✔️ The right skincare supplements for her skin, which work from within

✔️ A Pure chemical peel/cosmetic peel every 3 weeks

Her next appointment is in a few weeks’ time, when we’ll be adding LED colour therapy to her session as part of her rosacea treatment. This will really boost her skin, calming it even further.

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