CACI Treatments have arrived!

Synergy Advanced Non-Surgical FacialCACI has landed at Christchurch Derma Spa, and we are VERY excited!

This brand-new treatment is BIG! CACI treatments are often described as the ‘red-carpet beauty secret’ and have attracted an impressive celebrity following, including royalty, film stars, supermodels, beauty editors and make-up artists from around the globe.

Jennifer Lopez … Jennifer Aniston … Michelle Collins … even Linda Evangelista is a fan!

The AH MAZ ING CACI machine is super-versatile, combining multiple cutting-edge technologies and offering endless possibilities for transformative non-surgical treatments.

➡️ Lift, firm, and tone facial muscles with SPED dual-action microcurrent technology
➡️ Rejuvenate and revitalise skin with LED colour therapy

The power of CACI

CACI jowl lift before and after photos

Look at this incredible before & after photo on this Jowl Lift…!

CACI can be used for many different face and body treatments, including:

✨Facial Toning – Lift and tone your facial muscles while reducing fine lines and wrinkles

✨Complexion / Problematic Skin – Revitalise your skin for a clearer, smoother complexion

✨Skin Hydration – Intensive skin hydration for dry, dull & dehydrated skin

✨Wrinkle Reduction – Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

✨Targeted Treatments – Focusing on your areas of concern, such as scars, backs, lips, eyes and jowls

✨Body Treatments – an instant lift, shape and tone for the buttock and thigh area – a great quick fix before your holiday!

CACI Wrinkle Revolution CACI Eye Revive

The CACI training was incredible

I was really shocked by how incredible this treatment can be for people with Bell’s Palsy and stroke victims. It’s all about muscle lifting. More to follow on that in future blogs ….

For now, you can get booking! Several of you were keen to book before I had even completed the training. I am pleased to say appointments are now live on the system, with more information on the website to follow soon. In the meantime, drop me a message if you have any queries on the wonder that is CACI.

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