Chatting to Radio Solent about reopening our skincare clinic

Thank you, BBC Solent for having me.


Saturday 15th August was a big day for Aesthetic clinics and Beauty salons. We finally got the green light to open our doors again after being closed since 20th March due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Although I wasn’t able to see my clients in person for their skin treatments during lockdown, I did catch up with some of them via Zoom. It was lovely seeing their faces. I asked if they were okay, as Covid has affected most people in some way. Some of my clients don’t get out much apart from having their monthly skin treatment. So it was nice to check in with them. I also sent my clients a little card with positive thoughts as a way of staying in touch and making sure they knew I was thinking of them.

I then thought to myself how can I help the NHS?

How can I say thank you to the NHS for everything they have done and continued to do for us? Then it came to me. I would offer free facials to NHS Nurses, doctors and hospital staff. So, when the announcement came to say I could reopen, I thought of those NHS workers who have messaged me to say their skin was getting so irritated and red from wearing a mask for over 12 hours. I would simply do their treatment for free.

Why was Saturday 15th August 2020 such a great day? I got to see some of my regular clients again and a few new faces (NHS workers) which was amazing!

And the cherry on the top of all that was getting a message from BBC Solent radio presenter Lucy Ambache saying ‘Can we have a chat on the radio on Sunday morning?’

Lucy mentioned as soon as the news broke the aesthetic and beauty industry could offer close contact services again, she thought of me and Christchurch Derma Spa. Then panic set in. I’ve never been on the radio! However, after a couple of calls prior to Sunday from Lucy and BBC Solent Producer George, I was excited.

To be honest I was a bit gutted that Lucy didn’t ask me to sing live on the radio. Although I’m not sure all off the BBC Solent listeners would appreciate that on a Sunday morning… or ever!

What is it like being interviewed live on the radio?

As I was on hold, waiting for Stealers Wheel ‘Stuck in the middle with you’ to finish, my mouth started to go dry. My heart was beating and whilst I was live on the radio, I could hear my own voice echoing back to me when I spoke. However, I absolutely LOVED it!

Thank you, BBC Solent and Lucy for having me on.

I’m so thankful I got asked.

Christchurch Derma Spa is now fully open and you can book your appointment by clicking here.