5 tips to look after your skin during the festive season

This year’s festive season may be a little different to previous years. With social distancing rules and restrictions still in place, the Christmas party is likely to be virtual rather than physical. But even if your celebrations may look a little different this year, looking after your skin is just as important.

Here are my top skincare tips to keep your skin healthy this Christmas:

1. Drink plenty of waterGlass of water great for hydrating your skin especially during winter

It’s an old one, but it’s true. And best of all, it’s free! Your skin is made up of cells which need water to function properly. Drinking enough water helps flush out toxins from the body. Without enough water, your skin is more likely to become dry, flaky and more prone to wrinkles. And who wants more wrinkles if you can avoid it?!

2. Use SPF

Clinicare Dermo Corrective Cream with SPF

When the temperature is barely above freezing you might not think about slapping on the suncream. But using SPF at this time of year is just as important. Many moisturisers, serums and foundations all have SPF built-in, so look at your products’ ingredients and choose wisely. The Jane Iredale make-up range has natural SPF in many of the products and products like the Clinicare Dermo Corrective Cream has SPF50+ built into a daily moisturiser which also repairs and protects your skin.

3. Avoid hot baths and showers

Beth tub ready for someone to have a hot bath which might dehydrate their skin

In the colder months, it can be tempting to relax in a hot bath or warm up with a hot shower. But these extreme changes in temperature, from hot water to cold air afterwards can strip your skin of essential oils. Turn the temperature down a tad and you will be doing your skin a favour.

4. Make the most of the fresh air when you can

Woman outside during winter

The festive season might be a weather washout, but if the sun comes out and the rain stops then head out into the fresh air. Not only will your skin be absorbing some vital Vitamin D, but you’ll also get a break from the central heating which can be so drying on your skin.

5. Moisturise and use serum

Clinicare Glow range including moisturiser and serum great for winter skin

Boost your skin’s hydration with the right skincare products. Moisturiser is your first line of daily defence again the drying effects of colder winter weather. Serum adds an extra layer of intensity to replenish your skin on an even deeper level. We love the Clinicare Glow Serum and Glow Liquid moisturiser which leaves your skin feeling hydrated and all glowy. Perfect for any Christmas parties you may be managing to squeeze in when restrictions allow.

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