Your ultimate guide to glowing summer skin

Hooray! The sunshine has finally arrived, and let’s face it, we all feel better when the sun is shining, right?! 😎

BUT all this sunshine isn’t necessarily good for our skin. In the summer months, looking after your skin is more important than ever to ensure you are at your glowing best.

Check out my 7-step guide to staying on top of your summer skin:

  1. Max out on hydrationglass of water with water being poured in

Now is definitely the time to keep your water bottle at your side. As the temperature heats up, we sweat more, so you must keep your body topped up. This has all sorts of physical benefits, including for your skin. Drinking more water helps flush out toxins from your skin and reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What’s not to love❤️? Try adding cucumber or a squeeze of lemon and lime if you’re bored with the basic clear stuff.

  1. Wear SPF every dayCliniccare Dermo Corrective Cream with SPF50

By now, we all know that suncream is a must to avoid painful sunburn and, most importantly, reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. So, slap on factor 50 every day to look after your skin. The sun also ages our skin as well so apart from avoiding skin cancer, you’ll be helping to avoid those lines and wrinkles too. The Jane Iredale make-up range has natural SPF in many of the products, and I also recommend the Clinicare Dermo Corrective Cream, which has SPF50+ built into a daily moisturiser.

  1. Properly cleanse every night

In the summer, cleansing is more important than ever. During the day, sweat and suncream build up on your face. It’s vital to make sure you remove this every day so your skin can breathe happily overnight and you can start the next day fresh. I love the Cliniccare Concentrated Cleansing Foam, which is light and gentle yet brilliant at removing make-up and impurities whilst hydrating your skin.

  1. Fight back against ageing with a serum or moisturiser (or both!)Cliniccare Glow Serum

By dehydrating our skin, the sun can accelerate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using a powerful serum like the Cliniccare Glow Serum can minimise excessive melanin production, revitalising your complexion and leaving skin clearer and brighter. The serum particularly targets sun damage, and the added Hayluronic Acid plumps and hydrates the skin to leave it looking even and radiant.

  1. Use supplements to boost your skin from the inside out

    vitamin supplements

Whatever the fabulous quality and magical ingredients in skin care ranges, if you only treat skin topically, you are missing a major factor in skin care efficacy. Feed your skin from within with scientifically researched formulations. Products like Skin Omegas+ from Advanced Nutrition Programme, which contain fish oils and Vitamin A, act as an internal moisturiser, nourishing and hydrating your skin to give it a luminous glow.

  1. Tackle the build-up of SPF with regular microdermabrasion or glow peels

When you put suncream on every day over the summer, even if you do your best to cleanse every night, a layer still builds up on your skin. This stops your usual skincare products from sinking through the layers of your skin to do their job, leading to blocked pores, dead skin cells etc. NOT what your skin wants! Regular microdermabrasion treatments or Glow chemical peels throughout the summer months can ensure the skin is clear from top to bottom and ensure you get maximum value from your skin care products.

  1. Enjoy the water, but wisely

shower head with water cascading out

A dip in the sea or the pool is the perfect way to cool off. A shower is the best way to refresh yourself after a hot day. But all that water is drying on your skin. Try to keep showers short to avoid over-drying your skin, and ensure you make time to slap your moisturiser on as soon as you get out.

Where can I buy skincare products and treatments to get my skin glowing this summer? I hear you asking …

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