Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

£75, 4 for £280, 6 for £420

Cosmetic peeling is used to improve the skin’s appearance by applying a chemical solution to the skin. The result is a smoother, less wrinkled and more even-toned skin.

A chemical peel helps reduce fine lines, especially under the eyes and around the mouth. It refreshes skin texture and colour, diminishes skin discolouration, such as sun spots, age spots, freckles, or blotchiness and for those who suffer from pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, acne and acne scarring.

Do you currently suffer from red patches on your face? You could have what’s called Rosacea. An anti-inflammatory Pure Peel would work fantastically well. Or, do you suffer from dark spots? This could be Pigmentation, in which case a Glow Peel would really well for you.

The result of a cosmetic peel can also be enhanced with laser/light-based rejuvenation techniques, or combined with another procedure. A thorough examination by Kirsty at Christchurch Derma Spa will help determine your needs.

We offer various types of chemical peel which are tailored to your particular skin requirements. Many clients want a quick result with minimal downtime and opt for regular superficial peels. The result is fresh, clear and youthful skin.

You can also add LED colour therapy to your treatment. This gives a further boost to the skin and a lovely calming effect, particularly good if you suffer from Rosacea.

The before and after photos of chemical peels can be quite amazing, even after just one session. See for yourself here, or head over to our Facebook page for more before and after chemical peel photos.

Glow Chemical Peel before and after photos

Not sure what to expect during a Chemical Peel? Watch our video below to get a taster of this amazing skin treatment available at our skincare clinic in Christchurch, Dorset.