Carboxytherapy Facial – The biggest breakthrough since Botox!

Looking for more radiant skin? Fed up with lines and wrinkles? A carboxytherapy facial could be the answer. 

Carboxytherapy is clinically proven to rejuvenate and restore a youthful appearance. Seen as the biggest breakthrough since Botox, carboxytherapy is a non-invasive treatment which infuses the skin with carbon dioxide. This boosts the flow of oxygen, kickstarting the body’s natural process of skin renewal and rejuvenation.

What can you expect from your treatment? Impressive results include:

– Skin regeneration

– Tissue tightening and brightening

– Reduction of dark under-eye circles

– Improvement in circulation

– Elastin stimulation

– Improve lymphoid drainage

During a treatment, a Cliniccare Carboxytherapy Gel and Activator Mask are applied to your skin to stimulate natural regeneration. Carbon Dioxide naturally occurs in the body, so it can not cause any allergic or other unwanted reactions. There’s also no downtime too!

A series of 4-8 treatments is recommended for maximum results. 

Face £95 per treatment
Course of 4 treatments £300
Course of 8 treatments £600

Face and Neck £170 per treatment
Course of 4 treatments £568
Course of 8 treatments £1,136

This advanced facial is not suitable for acne sufferers who have been prescribed medication such as Roaccutane, as these can cause increased sensitivity. But apart from that, anyone can benefit from this treatment, whatever your age, sex or skin condition.

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