Skin Tag, Wart, Mole & Milia Removal

Do you have skin tags, warts, moles or milia?

Many people are unaware that for just a few seconds of mild discomfort, a range of unwanted bumps and skin blemishes can be immediately, safely, and permanently reduced or removed – often with life-changing results.

Using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, minor skin blemishes can be quickly and effectively removed without the need for injections, incisions, downtime, or surgery.

The treatment process is known as cauterisation. It involves the local application of electrical current via a tiny probe or needle. This heats the area to cauterise or destroy the blemish.

A wide range of skin blemishes or skin conditions can be treated, including:

• Skin tags
• All types of warts
• Small benign moles
• Milia

Please note that for mole reduction, you must have your GP/Doctor’s agreement that your mole is benign and can be removed for cosmetic reasons. Without this consent, you will not be able to have the treatment.

Some individual skin tags or warts can be safely and completely removed in just a few minutes.

Single lesion £95 / Multiple lesions £175

*Warts and moles usually require two appointments and are therefore priced as multiple lesions

If you have several blemishes you wish to be removed then you may need more than one appointment. Though several lesions can be removed in a single appointment, an area of skin must not be over-treated. At your initial appointment, we can design a treatment plan that takes into account any areas you wish to address.

Appointments are generally quick and only take 15 mins to 30 minutes. The treatment is relatively painless, but a topical anaesthetic is available if you feel you need it. Many people are delighted with the results, with little to no marks left on the skin when healed fully.

The great news is that treated skin blemishes do not return. However, new ones may form depending on the underlying cause in some cases. I can advise you about methods of reducing the likelihood of blemishes returning during your appointment.

Following removal or reduction, most people find that small skin tags, warts, moles or milia are completely healed within a week. Larger ones may take up to three weeks. A small pink patch can be left, which fades over time. How quickly the area heals and fades depends on your individual healing rate and environmental factors. It can be a week or two or (rarely) several months. You can easily cover the area with concealer if this makes you feel more comfortable. Don’t forget to protect the area with a high factor sunblock.

Looking for beautifully clear skin?

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Before and after photos – what a difference!

This client has had this milia for years, and now it’s completely gone. Once the skin has healed there will be no trace of it left.