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Before and after: Laser treatment for moles

Wow! Check out these amazing before and after photos of my client’s recent mole reduction. She was delighted to see this mole disappear. The new skin is coming through and will blend in over time, so she will be left with no scarring at all. Many people are unaware that for just a few seconds of mild discomfort, moles and other skin blemishes can be immediately, safely, and permanently reduced or removed – often with life-changing results. Even better … there’s no need for injections, incisions, downtime, or surgery! The treatment process is called cauterisation. It involves the local application of electrical current via a tiny probe or needle. This heats the area to cauterise or destroy the blemish. A wide range of skin blemishes or skin conditions can be treated, including: • Skin tags • All types of warts … Continue reading

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Before and after: Thread vein removal with laser treatment

Look at this! We are just halfway through my client’s thread vein removal with laser treatment. The results are clear to see already! But even more importantly, it’s really boosted my client’s confidence. I love when I see my client’s confidence grow after treatment. It really can be life-changing. Laser treatment is a fantastic way to tackle facial thread veins or broken red veins. These small, superficial red, purple or blue veins appear around the nose and across the cheeks and chin. They may be hereditary or as a result of sun damage, wind and temperature exposure. Although facial veins/spider veins are quite common, they can cause some distress and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. IPL technology can target both these conditions and cause your red veins or spots to fade away. Using equipment from the UK’s NoThe … Continue reading

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Laser treatment is coming!

I am super excited that laser treatment is coming to my skin clinic in Christchurch, Dorset next month. I have been wanting to introduce laser for a while, as I know how amazingly effective laser treatments can be. Finally, I was able to go and do my training and my advanced laser machine is on its way. So in a few weeks I’ll be ready to go! So what can laser do? Red vein removal, Pigmentation removal, Acne scar treatment and more … Laser treatment achieves incredible, long-lasting results for so many different areas. It can effectively remove red vein/spider veins as well as the red areas of Rosacea. Check out these before and after photos for reducing the appearance of pigmentation on the hands! Laser treatment is brilliant for acne scars, as well as targeting the bacteria in the … Continue reading

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